Disney Decisions and Disney Revisions

One of the most exciting parts about a Disney vacation is the planning.

It doesn’t mater how far away the trip might be, be it 6 months or 4 years, figuring out when, where and how you will vacation at Disney is a rush.

Upon returning from my most recent trip to Disneyland Resort in April I sat down and had a think about when I could go next and where I would like to go.

Finances dictated that with careful saving I should be able to go on a trip by 2020. Star Wars should be up and running by then and I am an absolute Star Wars tragic.  Long before I was a Disney fan I was an uber Star Wars nerd.

Three years is a long wait so I decided to plan an ultimate Disney trip.

Two weeks at Walt Disney World followed by a 7 day Cruise on the Disney Dream or the Fantasy.

Now that I had made this decision I started to plot out my days. How many rest days will my wife need? (I can go two weeks straight in the parks but she needs a rest day every now and that. Sometimes wife gets in the way, I MEAN LIFE!) How many days in each park will I need? Which parks on which day? At what point in the trip will I head over to Universal for a day? And so on and so forth.

I even plotted out all my Restaurants and did a dining plan calculator to see if I could save any money on it (surprise, surprise it didn’t. More like Disney Dining Scam!).

I was all set! Now all I needed was to wait 3 years and tweak the plan as needed.

And then I read;

RUMOUR: Disney planning huge overhaul of Epcot due to be completed in 2022.


But I’m going in 2020! That means Epcot will be under full construction! I can’t miss the revamped Epcot!

This unconfirmed news has thrown a huge spanner in the works for me.

As I have stated previously I don’t get to go to Disney very often so I like to plan my trips in a Disney construction sweet spot. I thought after Star Wars was finished id be all good! Obviously not.

So now I’m thinking about pushing that trip out to 2022. But no Disney for 5 years!?!?!?

This is where I’m starting to rethink  my plan.

A trip to Disneyland Resort is much more affordable than Walt Disney World so I can probably delay the trip to 2022/23 and then in 2019/20 go to Disneyland and cross off my bucket list item of seeing Disneyland for Christmas.

This is always the problem with a Disney trip. What will be closed? what will be opening the next year that I will miss?

This is actually why I first went to Walt Disney World. I had a week long trip to Disneyland booked in April of 2015 and then they announce that pretty much half of the park would be closed in preparation for the 60th anniversary. What a big old waste of money that would have been so I moved the trip to Walt Disney World.

A lot of people say “Just go and you can always come back!”

For Americans that is very true but for us foreigners you never know, it could be 5 to 10 years before you get back so delaying a trip by 1 or 2 years seems like a better option.

When I first visited Walt Disney World in 2015 it was at the start of its revitalisation. New Fantasyland had just been completed, Disney Springs was in its final construction phase and we were yet to see an announcement for Toy Story Land or Star Wars Land.

Once we add Toy Story Land, Star Wars Land and a revitalised Epcot to New Fantasyland, Pandora and Disney Springs I think Walt Disney World will be in a pretty construction free zone to visit in 2022.

So event though it kills me to do it I think I will make the decision to delay my trip to 2022 to see it all.

Hang on…what about the reimagining of Tomorrowland?

Urgh I need a nap.


One Reply to “Disney Decisions and Disney Revisions”

  1. We are planning our first family Disneyland trip for next March but it’s to DLP. 2022 is probably when we’ll most likely be able to go WDW. It will be our first trip to WDW and we want to do it right! Staying in the park with all the perks and plenty of spending money šŸ˜


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